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17 years old
Furry Artist

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Some information about me and how i started doing furry artist

Meet the artist

About Me
Hewwo everyone names Bunbun I'm a Furry artist I've been into art since I was in the 5th grade but stopped when I moved out of my hometown after a while of finding a game called Furvilla I realized I wanted to do art again because I thought that it would be the best career for me to get into so now I'm a part-time artist that is still practicing to be the best.
Some facts about Me
- I dislike rude and ungrateful people
- I suffer from anger issues and anxiety
- you make me art I make you art ^^
- Chickens are my 3rd favorite animal
- I’m very weird if you get to know me
- I like writing stories sometimes

My link/Email

Discord user: Bunbun_drawings#8062